The name "MURLI" is another musical name given to Lord Krishna...the Hindu God of young love and performing arts, also a god-child, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero and the Supreme Being.

Simple and Clear as MURLI...our band composes music that makes u smile and make good times!!

We compose to make u feel special and greet someone the love and respect you want to share!!!
The MURLI family has Amit, Pintu, Indrajit , Gagan and Sunny.
Pintu and Sunny the cousin brothers are from a small town called Purulia. (better known for Maoist activities) They used to stay in Bangalore and jam regularly after Pintu ( Big Brother) comes f*#ked up from his office and Sunny (obviously the small one) comes from his one.
Sunny comes Calcutta for sum work and meets Amit in a studio. Sings and composes a song in that studio for Amit. It worked!
Amit invited him in his own Studio where they worked for couple of days and made good works for a Radio Station Jingle. Sunny went Bangalore and spoke to his brother Pintu regarding good opportunities in Calcutta.
Pintu after his regular fights with his brother Sunny agreed to come down Calcutta!! Bye Bye Bangalore!
Sunny finds a new job and met Gagan the sweetest in the office. Naming the band was easy...
Band was christened "MURLI" because of two reasons..
Amit had a nickname "murli" because of his south Indian look and as its a God name..everyone agreed to that!
Amit contributes his 100% and is the backbone of the band.A terrific guitar player and sound engineer!!
Pintu is flawless in his bass and harmonics vocals. Gagan goes on writing songs (most of them are heart broken), Indrajit nicely goes with the Rhythms and percussions...
Sunny has a different and husky voice which gives a strange feeling to the songs...

My Muzik, My Murli..!!