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Innovadores is a brain child of a group of Professionals in Field of Event, Education & Entertainment. Innovadores Is a premium Brand Consulting firm Looking after The brand creation, Brand Implementation. We cater across demographics. we spreading our wings in eastern india 

Our Services Include: ---
1) Branding.

 2) Advertising & PR Release.
3) Media Planning.
4) Event Management.
5) Event consulting.
6) Artist Management.

Our unrivaled range of events and projects has seen us manage, not only World Class standard events, but also regularly work on low budget small scale local community events and festivals. Our specialism is in Event Management and Conceptualization, but we also heavily involved in grand scale community celebration events. Over the years, we have found that, (Innovadores) Events Management tend to be the preferred contractor appointed for high profile, no fail, events, when attention to detail and quality of presentation and service is of paramount importance!
Our Corporate office is located at Bangalore having branches in Kolkata, Delhi, and Patna. We will be also working within India (major metro) having alliance with others.
We have built a reputation for friendliness and reliability and our professional approach to our business activities are unrivaled and cannot be matched by our competitors. Our work is often copied, which is one of the biggest compliments any of our competitors could offer us. This does, however, help to reinforce that we are one of Leading Specialist Event Management companies with an envious list of established industry contacts.

We are dedicated to fulfill our client’s requirements and goals regarding its Brand through proper planning & execution. 
We are specialize in artist management, Brand Consulting, Event Conceptualization & event Planning.

 We believe that a strong brand is the ground level element of a successful business. Your success has deep roots. It supports your employees, their families and your community. Inside every business is the potential to make a difference, to leave a mark. Your brand is the force behind that potential. Whether entrepreneur, budding non-profit or corporation, we want your business to grow and thrive. We want you to see your business…everywhere. Let’s grow!

- Murphy & Kenny Capps


Innovadores is one stop solution We have experience professional for the creatives .... 


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The full brand experience is not simply a look and feel. It is a clear, memorable impression based on the ongoing interactions of your customers that resides deep within their minds. We exist to define, nurture, and build these experiences. We are strategists, understanding your goals and your audiences, bringing fresh insight to your unique situation. We are realists, who believe that building a brand is only as important as how it is shared with the world. We are designers, art directors, and writers, who express brands in fresh, highly-creative, and award-winning ways. We are technologists, on the forefront of what’s possible in order to give you what’s appropriate. And we are managers, helping make certain the relationship is among the best you’ve ever experienced. We are Innovadores.We exist to help your brand burn bright and spread with wild enthusiasm.

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